• Dynamic Discs AJ Risley Hybrid Warden Team Series

    "A throwing putter has always been a cornerstone of my bag lineup. Something extremely reliable that I can turn to in any short-range situation has made me feel at ease for more than a decade of competitive disc golf. For me, the past year and a half, that throwing putter has been the Hybrid Warden. The Warden itself offers a very clean release and a true straight flight with an abundance of glide. In the Hybrid plastic, I'm able to put a little extra pop on my Wardens without experiencing any wobble or inconsistency. I know what I'm getting when I reach for my Hybrid Wardens, and what I'm getting is a controlled smooth flight on whatever release angle I choose. The Hybrid Warden works for me, and I guarantee it will work for you."
    - A.J. Risley

      Disc Description - Scaled Weight (Sticker Weight)

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